CLAPBACK 2. Gently Weeps

    Presented by SLEEP CENTER

    OPENING RECEPTION | Feb 28, 7-10 PM

    Feb 28 – Mar 14, 2016
    Noon – 6 pm | Wednesday – Sunday & By appointment
    Open Critic X UNBAG | Mar 2nd, 7 pm

    SLEEP CENTER is proud to present Gently Weeps, the second exhibition in the CLAPBACK series.

    A SIDE: They are the flesh and bones of their generation.

    In 2004, George Harrison was inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. To induct Harrison, Prince, alongside others performed While my Guitar Gently Weeps. George Harrison developed his sound from the blues, skiffle, and in the mid-60s embraced and was inspired by traditional Indian music. Prince's playing, in turn, is a descendent of the blues, arpeggios and riffs of Mr. Harrison. The blasted overdrive solo delivered by Prince’s telecaster guitar penetrates a gap between generations; bringing the sound (as George Harrison once did) to his time and artists of his milieu.
    In 2014, artists Blake Hiltunen and Hao Ni came to New York City. They pose the qualities of well-trained sculptors, and are the descendants of many from generations before them, but experiment in today’s art world.

    In this exhibition, Hiltunen and Ni are focusing on the discourse of the distortion of bodily experience and the gap between the body and the imagined - delivering objects that reflect the _____ of the 2010s.

    B SIDE: Concentrate a length of time or project an action inside an object.

    Build-in tissue box is a standard feature inside of the 9/11 Memorial Museum. (Observation of Hao Ni)
    "Why am I having rushing odd feelings about this design choice? It has nothing to do with me." Is it a trigger or a result, or something else in the circle of (re)action?

    To return fire (urbandictionary.com)
    CLAPBACK is an exhibition series curated by Rui Lin. In the exhibition’s series of events, two artist-curators will participate in a short-term showcase of their current works in progress. The program will feature an open critic session, led by artist collective UNBAG, between the two participants and the audience.


  • Acciddental Translation at Fjord

    Accidental Translation
    On View: March 6th - 28th
    2419 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Fjord presents Accidental Translation, a two-person exhibition of sculpture, video, and works on paper by Hao Ni and Bayne Peterson , that explores formal and conceptual translations and the ways in which ideas and objects mutate across cultures and time periods. Participatory culture creates a frenzy of translations as ideas change hands. When translation is constantly taking place, ideas, histories, and objects take on an increased malleability, potentially approaching formlessness.

  • RISD MFA Thesis Show

    NIght II

    RI Convention Center
    Exhibition Hall A
    One Sabin Street, Providence

    Daily noon - 5
    May 16 - 31
    free and open to public

  • B.A.D

    Exhibit: January 6- February 12
    Reception: Saturday, January 28, 6-9pm
    East & Bridge Galleries
    Beverly Art Center Chicago

    Join Molar Productions (Larry Lee, prop.) for the delayed opening reception on Saturday, January 28th from 6-9pm to see what is bad...
    Beautiful and Dangerous. Big and Dumb. Bodacious and Dirty. Boring and Derivative. Bambi and Dumbo.

    Group exhibit featuring: Benjamin Bellas, Stephanie Brooks, Judith Brotman, Gerard Brown, You-Ni Chae, C. C. Ann Chen, Young J. Cho , Meg Duguid, Jason Dunda, Kirk Faber, Andreas Fischer, Max Byron Garrett, Jeffrey Grauel, Jason Guo, Alex Herrera, Greyson Hong, Paul Hopkin, Carol Jackson, James Kao, Nancy Kim, Karin Kuroda, Erin LaRocque, Diego Leclery, David Leggett, Dave Murray, Chris Naka, Hao Ni, Heidi Norton, Susannah Papish, Nipporn Production (Mayumi Lake and Yoshie Suzuki), Patrick Quilao, Academy Records, Allison Ruttan, Benjamin Stone, Joshua Slater, and Jenyu Wang,

  • "You Have Your Fortress, I Have Mine"

    new and old works by Hao Ni

    Thursday- November 10th 2011
    5-8pm- 208 S Wabash

  • "Wood Worked"

    The Chicago Urban Art Society

    “WOOD WORKED” - Featuring the work of: Cristina Gonzalez, Kazuki Guzman, Mark Holmes, Dylan Jones, Montgomery Kim, Hao Ni, Sighn and Steve Reber

    Wood has a long and diverse connection to the history of art and to our global environment. Utilitarian for its structural purposes and attractive in its ability to be used as a decorative element, wood is a material that artists to this day are highlighting through captivating approaches in contemporary art practices. Presented by the Chicago Urban Art Society, “Wood Worked” is a sculptural exhibition mixing the work of emerging with more-established artists who approach wood both structurally and conceptually with an engaging approach and the thought in mind that we are more or less unconsciously and constantly surrounded by this material.

  • Visual Narration: Contemporary Forms of Storytelling

    Robert Bills Contemporary
    03 June 2011 — 05 July 2011

    Robert Bills Contemporary presents a group exhibition of three artists with contemporary perspectives on the historical theme of visual narration, realized within three completely different media. Narratives have formed the content of canonized artwork from the marble friezes of antiquity to the history paintings of
    the Neoclassical period, however these examples represent only one history of the art form. All three artists featured are in dialogue with a variety of histories of narration and media, including the folk tradition of textiles and quilting, the snap-shot photograph, the narrative plot-line, and the physical traces of human presence and memory. The exhibition visual narration: contemporary forms of storytelling expands on the definition of the narrative as subject-matter to include contemporary forms of personal, artistic, physical and media histories as storytelling.

  • The NEXT 2011: The Invitational Exhibition of Emerging Art

    Chicago: april 29 -may2, 2011
    please come check out my work at the merchandise mart!
    my work will be available in booth 43 across from the talk shop,
    video booth 46 and project space at booth 47.

  • School of the Art Institute 2011 Spring BFA SHOW

    The House collaboration project is now complete and it is currently being shown
    at the SAIC BFA SHOW!
    free and open to public !

    Exhibition: March 18-April 6
    Sullivan Galleries 33 S. State St. 7th floor Chicago, IL

  • Collaboration

    Currently working on a collaborative project with artist Kazuki Sebastián Guzmán. Please check out House.
    for more information and pictures!

  • Scape

    December 10th, 2010 - January 12th, 2011
    Hi guys, if you are around Chicago,
    please come check out Scape the group show

    the Nicole Villeneuve Gallery
    410 S. Michigan Avenue, Suite 629, Fine Arts Building of Chicago,
    Chicago, IL

    Through a combination of forms, ten artists explore the contemporary aspects of landscape, and their unique relationship to the subject as content.

    featuring work by:

    Morgan Carter, Jan Christopher-Berkson, Susanna Coffey,
    Chinatsu Ikeda, Adriene Lilly, Shona MacDonald,
    Aliza Morell, Joseph Noderer, Hao Ni, & Betany Porter

    Curated by Daniel Schmid

    publicity and designs by Wyatt Grant

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